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Compensation Assistance Services is the only provider in Australia that does not charge for travel.

As one of Australia’s leading and most successful vocational and functional providers, CAS provides specialist medico-legal opinion on pre and post-injury Earning Capacity and Work Capacity through its Vocational, Psychological and Functional Assessment Services.

With a network of highly qualified experts in their field, our registered vocational assessors/rehabilitation counsellors with a minimum of 7 to 10 years’ experience, psychologists and physiotherapists, work one-on-one with your client, drawing on a range of robust tests and assessment tools to determine the likelihood of securing work in the current labour market.

Our assessments and reports for SIRA/WorkCover, CTP and Public Liability cases are accurate, credible and concise, providing a powerful insight into your client’s Earning and Work Capacity and loss of earnings due to injury.

All assessments are completed by expert witness qualified Registered Physiotherapists, Physiologists, Psychologists and Rehab Vocational Assessors who work together to determine suitable vocational options.  Upon identifying suitable employment in line with injured persons age, skills and education labour market research is completed to determine true Earning Capacity.

Please refer to relevant services offered by CAS for your jurisdiction.



High quality assessments and reports delivered in a timely and professional manner.


Our specialist vocational and functional medico-legal reports are highly regarded and offer unique insights into the many issues addressing an injured persons employability, work capacity, current labour market, and transferable skills in line with legislative requirements.


Compensation Assistance Services (CAS) operates from a range of locations Australia wide.

Cost effective

Our pricing is competitive and negotiable depending on the requirements.


CAS has an extremely high success rate. Our team have a proven track record in providing successful reports for demonstrating loss of earning capacity and demonstrating  work capacity for injured persons. We liaise with other health professionals to deliver a final outcome.